Is It Charles Koch’s Moral Duty . . .

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. . . to murder Ed Crane and David Boaz and as many CATO Institute employees as possible if they secede from his empire? Should he also bomb their homes, maiming and killing their spouses and children, and then burn their towns to the ground? Does he also have a right to send Richard Fink, the “General Sherman” of the Kochtopusian empire, to then plunder the private property of the Catoites and haul it off to Wichita, Kansas?

Well, that is the clear implication that one gets from the writings of some of the youngsters at CATO who have adopted the Washington establishment/politically-correct line on Lincoln and the issue of secession. The Official Lie on this subject is authored by various statist propagandists, including Harry Jaffa and his fellow “Straussian” neocons. No party may secede from a contract, they say, unless permission is given from the other side of the contract. These Lincoln worshippers, who shed crocodile tears whenever the words “Father Abraham” fall from their lips, not only spout this totalitarian theory, but they also condone the mass murder of any and all secessionists. One cannot make the argument, based on real history and not just philosophical mind games, that the Southern states did not have a right to secede in 1860–61 without also condoning or celebrating the fact that Lincoln’s response to Southern secession was to orchestrate the mass murder of at least 350,000 of his fellow citizens from the Southern states, including thousands of women and children. All in the name of protecting their constitutional liberties, of course.

7:48 am on March 6, 2012