Is Gramm on the Lam?

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Robert Scheer takes on Phil Gramm and other banksters from a left perspective. Phil, a non-Austrian economist from Texas A&M, was a favorite of the GOP establishment as a Demo and then a Repub congressman. When Ron Paul announced for the US senate in 1984, after the retirement of Texas Senator John Tower, Gramm followed suit. Ronnie “Big Government” Reagan soon forgot his alleged 11th commandment, “Never speak ill of a fellow Republican,” and his alleged policy of not intervening in primaries, and backed Gramm to the hilt. The regime was  most worried, then and now, about Ron’s antiwar policy, and his opposition to banksters and their Fed. The massively financed Gramm beat Ron, and went on to a career of conservative deception in the senate, and then high-level banksterism. His wife got a high-level financial regulatory appointment. Both Gramms were also affiliated with the Koch Empire. Oh, and one other note: the Reagan GOP burgled Ron’s campaign office, and stole his mailing list and other confidential papers.

10:46 am on December 21, 2012