Is CNN Losing It, or Starting To Get It?

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I am not in the habit of lauding state media. But in a remarkable meeting of state media and dumbed down America (in the undeniable context of providing cover for Obama’s every action, and the tendency of a stopped clock being right twice a day) — we see that CNN published David Lake’s op-ed on CNN explaining our long-term policy in the Mideast using the children’s story, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” It is an easy-to-understand analogy for the masses of tired and confused Americans, at least. On the same CNN page this morning, we find an explanation as to why a Mennonite college (in a spirit of real separation between state and church) might not wish to sing the National Anthem. Is CNN being provocative or somehow channeling a contempt of the lying state that is growing undeniably, irrepressibly in the hearts of the people?

7:44 am on June 26, 2011