Is a idiot

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Bill, as Dickens might say, “The government is a idiot.” Public works spending? Is this some sort of dream or am I awake? I’m awake. It’s the central planners who are living in a fantasy world. Next thing we’ll have artists painting murals on walls. Paint the Capitol red, for deficits, red ink, and Bolshevik.

I have one question for these goons on Meet the Press. If the Treasury borrows and spends a few trillion dollars and has no way to pay for it from current taxes and that spending does not increase tax revenues to pay for the spending (which it can’t do), what does the Treasury do for an encore?

Why, it induces the Fed to print money and monetize the debt. This is Obama’s idea of change? One can have a high IQ and still act idiotically.

8:31 am on December 9, 2008