Irony of the Day

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Progressives who want a totally socialized country where all of us live at everyone else’s expense suddenly damn communism when defending Obummer’s vile “individual mandate.” For example, a moron writing in The Globalist, appropriately enough, opines, “One of the reasons why health insurance costs middle-class families in the United States so much is that their bill includes a good share of the costs of treating those without insurance. … President Obama’s plan to end those pass-along costs by mandating universal coverage was, of course, the central issue in last week’s arguments at the Supreme Court.” Ah, but why “end those pass-along costs”? Gracious, thanks to Progressive thieves and sponges, such robbery has become as American as congressional corruption. It characterizes and permeates not only Leviathan’s programs but our entire economy.

The moron continued, “The Obama Administration’s reforms [sic for Obummercare] shift most of the costs of the uninsured to the government.”

They don’t, of course: they “shift” the costs to taxpayers while handing control over our treatment and even the power to decide whether we live or die to politicians and bureaucrats.

4:53 am on April 4, 2012