Ironies in Persecuting Bernard von NotHaus

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I’ve had a correspondent point out these 100% correct ironies:

NotHaus may have done better if he had just robbed a bank. So bank robbers inflict less damage upon the economy than SELLING SILVER BULLION/ROUNDS ON A STRICTLY VOLUNTARY BASIS?

Or how about this one…Going on the government dole, being a tax consumer, which is not only not paying taxes, but it’s engaging in outright theft. That’s perfectly legal and fine. That’s not doing any damage to the economy at all. No. But selling silver bullion/rounds on a strictly voluntary basis, actually earning the dollars you have, is bad.

The Leadership persecutes competition against its fiat money, because the latter is essential to increasing and maintaining its powers. It places people on the dole for the same reason: to expand its control and gain support. It wants to disarm Americans and prevent competition with police if it can for the same reason, to maintain and increase its own power and control. There is no other explanation I can think of that explains such ironies, or that explain why the Leadership frequently betrays the mass society. But I do not want to gloss over the fact that even though Leadership acts to achieve these ends, there are shifting elements in mass society that often want these betrayals to occur, encourage Leadership, and get Leadership to act because of political and other pressures.

12:50 pm on December 22, 2012