Iraq’s Silent-but-Cowardly Minority

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Today on “Meet the Press” Tim Russert asked the puppet president of Iraq the best question I’ve heard put to one of our puppets in a long time, maybe ever. The puppet prez was talking about a “silent majority” of Iraqis who supposedly silently support the U.S. military’s battles against “insurgents.” Russert asked: Why so silent if their own freedom is at stake? Why should Americans die for “Iraqi freedom” if Iraqis themselves are not willing to even speak up, let alone fight?

This was always my thinking about Hussein: If the Iraqis were too cowardly to throw off their dictator, then they deserved him. It was never any of our business, any more than the Ukraine is, as Pat Buchanan and Charley Reese so eloquently stated this weekend on LRC.

7:19 pm on December 5, 2004