Iranians Aren’t Arabs

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But they’re hated and demonized like Arabs, for the crime of tossing out the US-installed shah, a crazed spender and money printer, and replacing him with the Ayatollah, who immediately cut taxes and spending, repealed price and wage controls, and reined in the central bank. Never again were Iranian small businessmen to have the soles of their feet torn off for the crime of raising prices, as the shah had done during his hyperinflation. But I digress. The poor Iranian twins, who died during surgery, marked the first time I can remember people from a “rogue state” (one especially hated by the US) being shown in the US media as human. May their tragedy, and the courage with which they faced it, impede the neocons, who thirst to turn so many of their countrymen into corpses as well.

10:22 am on July 8, 2003