Introducing CSI, and ‘Syria: Intervention or Mediation?’

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The Centre for the Study of Interventionism (CSI) is a new think tank formed in Paris with affiliates in Europe and the United States.*

The project promises to provide some very needed perspective, history, and analysis to the debate over interventionism. What is the track record of intervention? What is the future of national sovereignty and the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states in this era of “Responsibility to Protect” and “humanitarian interventionism” (at the end of a drone strike)?

The Centre has published several papers thus far — including on Media Interventionism and the UN Human Rights Council; and today’s release of its first video production — “Syria: Intervention or Mediation?”, by acclaimed documentary filmmaker and CSI affiliate Julien Teil (whose “smoking gun” Libya documentary I wrote about here) — marks a milestone.

Please review this very informative and well-made video presented by the Centre and, if you wish, subscribe to the Centre’s updates.

*Full disclosure: Your blogger is its US representative. Also, well-known British academic (and LRC contributor) John Laughland is a consultant to the Centre.

5:52 pm on April 11, 2012