Intolerance And Tyranny In Central New York

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On tonight’s news, two reports that were very similar.

First, we have the heroic cops targeting underage drinking. They plotted and finally cracked down on 43 people who were charged with intent to consume alcohol under the age of 21 (oh, the humanity!) and the six most evil people in the world –those who sold them the drinks. Of course the bars also got in trouble.

The other bit of news is about Turning Stone Casino near Syracuse where the State Liquor Authority continues to undermine property rights, creating a managerial mess:

This week the State Liquor Authority said if the Oneida Nation continues to allow guests to bring their own alcohol, the state will stop issuing licenses to third party caterers for special events such as weddings and banquets.

After the state denied Turning Stone its own alcohol license, things went back to the way they were. The Liquor Authority continued granting permits to caterers to serve alcohol, and the resort went back to its policy of allowing guests to bring their own booze to concerts, restaurants and hotel rooms. Turning Stone stopped doing that while its own application was pending.

Abolish the regulators.

8:23 pm on October 26, 2007