Into the Toilet

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So I’m reading the closing credits of Sean Penn’s fourth terrific feature film writing and directing achievement, Into the Wild, when I read this:

Produced in Cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security

Huh? Huh?? Huh???!!! What does that mean? Do Hollywood productions now have to obtain security clearance with Fatherland Security to make sure that no terrorists are being harbored on the set?

If this is how far into the toilet the United States of America has finally sunk, then someone please flush to put it out of its misery.

UPDATE: From some of my LRC reader feedback, it has occurred to me that many of you have not seen this film. The story of Into the Wild has NOTHING to do with politics/government/the military—i.e., the filmmakers did not need advice from DHS nor its permission to depict something of a national security matter. That’s why I found that mention of the cooperation with the DHS in the end credits so disturbing.

1:11 pm on April 16, 2011