Interesting Thing of the Day

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I’m going to veer slightly off topic from religion and politics for something that I think Lew and LRC readers would really enjoy. Joe Kissell’s Interesting Thing of the Day offers a new article each day on a place, a person, an idea, an invention or other thing that Mr. Kissell finds interesting. I’ve quickly become addicted and shelled out the measly $20 for the annual audio (mp3) subscription so that I can listen to them each day on the way to work, (the text edition is free). The articles are brief, well written, well researched and invariably, well, really interesting. A favorite of mine is Paris Catacombs (mp3). My wife thought this sounded morbid and unpleasant. I can’t wait to get back to Paris and go underneath it. To try another sample of an audio try Museums of Interesting Things (text). The theme this week is “Home and Deranged” and has covered the One-Log House, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Winchester Mystery House (learn what happened to all the money Winchester made off his rifles), Herrenchiemsee Castle (missed this one when I was in Bavaria, darn it!) and, today, The Hearst Estate at San Simeon. I thought the guest article on modern monasticism, Benedictine Oblates, was also fascinating. Go ahead, try reading one of these articles. Bet you can’t stop after just one.

10:43 am on August 19, 2004