“Ingredients” Documentary on Local Food Systems

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Last night I watched an excellent documentary that is available for instant viewing on Netflix – “Ingredients.” The movie discusses the alternative food supply – locally grown food – that is essentially a backlash against the failings of the industrial food model. This is a terrific film that mostly focuses on farms in Oregon that supply local chefs at cutting edge restaurants with seasonal, local food.

I especially like when the filmmaker goes to Carafe Bistro in Portland, Oregon and discusses why French cuisine is so superior and desired around the world: the French, unlike Americans, don’t work from year-round static menus and seek to obtain their food from any supplier that can sustain the menu. The French bring in local food, seasonally, and they adapt and create according to the chef’s inspiration based on the type of food that arrives daily. For a French Chef, each day is a spontaneous and creative challenge. Chefs from all over the world go to France to train in their occupation, not America. Then, if we are lucky, they come here and bring with them their locavore, seasonal traditions. Additionally, Oregon has the benefit of a gorgeous wine country with the best Pinot Noir in the world.

6:47 pm on April 16, 2012