Information Needed To Help Establish Austrian Masters Program at Loyola

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My colleagues and I are proposing to our administration that Loyola University New Orleans initiate an MA in Austrian Economics program.  One question we have to answer is: “From which schools will [prospective faculty] degrees have come?”

To that end, I would appreciate the following information from anyone who already has a Ph.D., and is an academic or might become one, and who considers himself or herself an Austrian economist.  I would certainly include all those who no longer, or never did, like the name “Austrian economics.”  At a minimum, I’d like to include all those who work in the tradition of one or more of these economists: Menger, Bohm Bawerk, Wieser, Mises, Hayek, Lachmann, Kirzner, and Rothbard.

Information sought: Name; Ph.D, granting institution, year; discipline (e.g., economics, finance); current position

In my own case, this information would be:

Walter Block; Ph.D, Columbia University, 1972; economics; Professor of Economics at Loyola University New Orleans.

I would really appreciate it if you would take a few seconds, and get back to me on this.



8:59 pm on November 17, 2010