Inaugural Preview: A Trotskyite in the White House

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I hope this recommendation carries a little more weight coming from a grudging fan. Justin Raimondo’s style is not mine, it is one that I didn’t like when I first read his columns on He’s the sort of political commentator who, after taking someone apart, will mention that their mother is ugly. But reading him I have learned that, despite what I think of his style, he is one of our great libertarian treasures. I also got to meet him and see him speak. He gave a carefully researched, historically informed and passionate speech. He is also the only person I have heard describe himself as a “Rockwellian”, (referring to Lew of course). I say all this to say that he has just recently started to blog up a storm at Like his columns, his blog posts are loaded with links and useful information. If you haven’t kept an eye on the Blog before, now is the time to start.

Add this to your newsreaders:

Inaugural Preview: A Trotskyite in the White House: It doesn’t take “idealism and courage” to declare war against an already-devastated and militarily insignificant Third World country, where the average income is less than a shoeshine boy makes in the U.S. It does take a certain brazenness, however, to proclaim that you’re only doing it because you’re so courageous.

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1:39 pm on January 20, 2005