In The Unlikely Event Of A Canadian Invasion…

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If Canadian troops, or the troops of another country, were to invade the U.S., wouldn’t most people, including the most hawkish of neocons, open the gun safe and load some ammo?

I often wonder what would be the reaction of those who support the various federal wars of empire if a foreign army were sent to liberate us. Imagine that a foreign leader decides that it is for our best interest that we need some freeing, and the sooner the better. To accomplish that noble goal, the foreign army is going to kill civilians and destroy cities. All in the name of security and democracy, you see.

I have this strange inkling that those who would come out to defend their homes would not be called “insurgents” but maybe something more like “freedom fighters” or “rebels” or even “heroes.”

In the end, people might not like their tyrants but they want their tyrants to be local.

11:59 am on January 2, 2008