In Response to Kathryn

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Kathryn, thanks very much for your kind words, but it’s Lew who deserves the praise. I wonder if any of us truly appreciate his courage in publishing what few other venues will.

I spent the summer writing op-eds against the TSA and sending them to the corporate media. Exactly one-half of one essay made it into print. I finally quit in September to focus on other federal malfeasance.

This week, I tried again. Surely now that the whores are assaulting passengers, surely now that they’re molesting little kids…surely, surely, surely…
Nope. I received form rejections from four newspapers and not a word from the rest.

Contrast that with Lew and all the anti-TSA pieces he ran this week — all the anti-TSA pieces he runs in a single day. And thank God for him.

6:44 pm on November 20, 2010