In Missile ‘Backdown,’ Obama Moves Toward War on Iran

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The countries previously in the Soviet satellite (and currently in the US satellite) may be sycophantic but they’re not stupid. Though the US administration had insisted for years that placing missiles on Czech and Polish soil was all about Iran, had nothing to do with Russia, and that only a paranoid Russian nationalist would suggest otherwise, the Poles knew better. Upon President Obama’s announcement that the Polish and Czech deal was off, these two NATO “allies” screamed: “Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back.” Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski, himself the product of spooky US and British think-tanks like the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute, wagged a finger at his handlers back in the US and called the timing of the announcement “clumsy.” Why clumsy? Because it came on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet occupation of parts of Poland!

Not to worry, Sikorski assures his current countrymen, where the American Empire closes a door somewhere else it opens a window: the agreement with the US for Patriot missiles to be deployed in Poland would go ahead, with American troops on Polish soil to operate the system. Polish Radio reports: “'[T]he American side assured us that the Patriot missiles will be fully armed,’ said Sikorski, referring to the original agreement which only mentioned ‘training warheads’ to be placed on the Patriots.”

The warmongering Washington Post lustfully suggests this “backdown” from confrontation with Russia over the missiles may be the bait to goad Russia into a more cooperative position toward the US/Israeli steady move to war on Iran. As the Post notes, there is no reason for those opposed to Obama’s Bushian foreign policy of aggression and military confrontation to cheer this announcement: The new missiles will be “based on the Navy’s Aegis system will be geographically closer to Iran, will be deployed sooner and will be more cost-effective than the land-based system put forward by the Bush administration. ” So Obama is doing war even better than Bush, and the Washington Post cheers!

Most likely, this US move was delayed payment for Russia agreeing to allow trans-shipment of US military equipment through Russia  to Afghanistan. Nothing is free and there has not yet been any evidence of US payment for this “favor.”

Despite the nuclear watchdog IAEA’s insistence that there is no proof of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, and despite the fact that the “secret documents” discovered proving an Iranian covert program were most likely cooked up in the offices of the lunatic terrorist group MeK and delivered to the US by Israeli sources, the Obama administration is determined to finish what the neo-conservatives started under the Clinton administration: US invasion and forced “democratization” of the entire Middle East. Next step will be “crippling sanctions” — a blockade — that Congress may pass as soon as this month. Buckle your seatbelts.

7:41 am on September 18, 2009