In Enemy Territory!

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Scott Rosen writes:

“The organization I work for, which is located in the DC area, was able to provide some of our employees (myself included) with access to President Bush’s closing remarks at today’s (12/16) economic summit/pep rally. I appreciated the opportunity provided by my employer, so I attended figuring its not every day you get see the president speak in person.

“Anyway, shortly before the speech was about to commence, a woman comes up and asks (actually it seemed more like a command) me to sit on stage as part of the studio audience. I guess I fit the profile of someone they wanted to add to their ‘Looks like America’ audience.

“I thought it was pretty funny, a paleo-libertarian sitting literally ten feet away from neo-con Republican George Bush, intermingled with ardent Bush lovers. A few of them seemed to notice my less than enthusiastic reactions during the applause lines. I guess security will have to do a better job of weeding out Rothbardians in the future.”

12:37 pm on December 17, 2004