In Addition to Its Other Virtues…

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…the Orwellian, anti-constitutional Department of Homeland Security is largely responsible for “doubl[ing]” the “number of people [sic for ‘leeches’] working [sic for ‘loafing’] in federal agencies with regulatory authority … to about 292,000 … during the past 30 years. … More than 83 percent of the new regulatory-agency jobs [sic for ‘sinecures’] since 1980 came in the Department of Homeland Security … when the Bush administration and Congress federalized private airport security [sic for ‘security theater that the FAA minutely managed and dictated; it was no more “private” than it is now’] in the wake of the [government’s] catastrophic failure on 9/11. The Transportation Security Administration accounts for 60,000 of those 145,000 new regulatory jobs [sic for ‘make-work as a sop to the unions’]. Meantime, ramped-up border security [sic for ‘gun-runners and assistants to Mexican drug cartels’] — most of it since 9/11, accounts for another 61,000.” [Original emphasis. Pardon the heavy editing, but this quote comes from the Columbia Journalism Review, so extensive correction is required. Catch the CJR’s motto — “Strong Press, Strong Democracy.” Wow.]

On the flip side, existing agencies were more than capable of metastasizing without Congress and Bush the War Criminal’s hatching of the DHS.

But still…

7:00 am on July 3, 2012