I’m Happy McCain Lost, But. . . .

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It is sad to see the cultural liberals siding with the state again. The Obama chant below reminded me of a near-eternal truth: Somehow, the left is artistically better than the right. Most of the best plays, movies, novels, and music come from the commies. I prefer the left singing songs against the state, rather than singing the praises of the state. Will Obama usurp the artists like FDR did?

I am kind of glad to see all my friends in Berkeley happy. I am depressed that this is what they’re happy over. As for Obama, I still like him on a personal level more than Bush or McCain. Another reason it’s going to be unfortunate to have to oppose him. As Scott Horton says, the world would be so much better off if this ambitious, talented man had gone into business instead.

1:35 pm on November 6, 2008