I’ll Be Teaching Political Science This Fall

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As usual, I’ll be teaching introductory Political Science at ACC this fall semester. Here’s the schedule. So, if you live in the Denver metro area and you’re in need of some collegiate social science credit, whether you’re a high schooler working on college credit or a part-time student fulfilling some lower division credit requirements, or whatever: consider signing up. This is not a class designed to convince people of the virtue of libertarian thought, although the syllabus and the overall subject matter are certainly influenced by the thinking and writings of people like Murray Rothbard and Ralph Raico. This is a survey course that covers a variety of topics.

Topics to be covered include:
The origins of the modern state
Political ideologies from Classical Conservatism to Marxism to Anarcho-Capitalism
International law
The morality of war
The nature of totalitarianism
Globalization, free trade, financial panics and contagion
The politics of central banks and inflation
The politics of taxes and regulation

11:02 pm on July 13, 2011