Ignorance of, and Fear of Reality Dominates CPAC

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At CPAC, Ron Paul dares go where no other “conservative” dares to go. Why? Spooked by Huckabee’s 2008 win in Iowa, all the one-dimensional GOP “presidentials” are afraid to upset the bigoted Pastor Hagee because his “Christians for Israel,” who desire Armageddon now so they can rule with Christ on earth for a thousand years, will be influential in many of the early primaries next year. (Yes, new heresies pop up all the time, and Hagee’s is a typical mix of ancient gnosticism and the ideological apocalyptic first “discovered” by Joachim of Fiore).

Yes, they’re all avoiding Egypt, perhaps with a quick slogan (Support Israel! Oppose Iran!), but the “Christian Right” has never been deep on foreign policy (for which we could forgive them if they would only stop advocating worldwide war). It takes a stalwart heart (Right on Ron!!!) to oppose them with fact, constitutional principle, and moral truths. As a result, most of them are so shallow on the facts that they just bow to the accepted mantras and hope to escape a Q&A.

Question for my many Christian friends in the pro-life, pro-family movement: have you ever noticed that abortion is legal in Israel, but illegal in most of the member countries of the Islamic conference?

Hey, Mitt! Hey, Huck!  Hey, Sarah! If the Right to Life is your prime mandate, shouldn’t you be **supporting** those pro-life Islamic countries?

Watch them change the subject.

8:15 am on February 12, 2011