Ignorance, Bliss, and the Usual Neocon Dodge

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Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard crowd suddenly crow about conservative values and pretend that they never advocated anything but.

Hilarious VD Hanson takes it to the bank with this one, complaining about those who have betrayed “the ancient wisdom” — with tenets like these:

“deal in personal trust; your word is your bond; avoid extremes; treat the money you invest for others as something sacred; don’t take any more perks than you would wish others to take; don’t borrow what you couldn’t suddenly pay back.”

What’s the problem? Clue Number One: Hanson is not complaining about George Bush, whom he and the WS crowd cheered on as he made war on the ancient wisdom, the Constitution, and just about everything else.

Clue Number Two: The Wall Street Journal dredges up old news to foment the masses once more in fear.

Clue Number Three: Bill Kristol almost admits he’s an ignoramus.


12:29 pm on November 24, 2008