“If You Think Healthcare Is Unaffordable Now…”

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My favorite filmmaker, Colin Gunn, is about to release Wait Till It’s Free, his new documentary on Obummercare. I’ve seen a preview, and the movie is up to Mr. Gunn’s usual sky-high standards. Among other highlights, a certain doctor who dabbles in politics offers his assessment of socialized medicine; the heroic Jane Orient also damns this monstrosity. Mr. Gunn interviews folks who suffer under Britain’s NHS about their experiences as well as victims of the Veterans’ Administration to draw parallels with Americans’ future. All in all, Wait Till It’s Free is a powerful tool for convincing friends and family that governmental control of medicine is sheer evil.

Mr. Gunn offers a pre-release discount of 20% on orders he receives before September 10.  Watch the trailer, then reserve your copy of Wait Till It’s Free.

9:27 am on August 26, 2014