If We’re Going to Deport Migrant Workers, Let’s Start With These

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Seated near me in a cafe here in Columbus, Ohio are several political operatives who have come in from out of state to work on one of the two major parties’ political campaigns. Listening to them talk is sickening.

They of course have no interest whatsoever in studying political ideas, and openly admit it, at least here among each other. One of them has just purchased a middlebrow political book, which he half-jokes that he won’t read but will carry around for a while and then put on his coffee table to look impressive. Another says in as many words that she has no interest in policy per se — she only cares about getting her candidate elected.

Yet these people are happy to come into my state and foist a ruler on me whose policies I’ll have no choice but to care about because they’ll affect my money, my property, and my life. These people will feel no consequences, except that if their guy wins, their careers will benefit, and if not, they’ll just move on to the next race in the next state anyway.

Being around political parasites in a state capital is bad enough. I shudder to think about what it must be like to live in Washington, DC where everyone around you is like these creeps, only worse.

1:15 pm on September 5, 2010