“If They’d Only Listened To Me !!!”

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Some wag once suggested that title for every book written by a DC hack (there is no such thing as an “ex” DC hack).

Now it’s Doug Feith, (Known as “Fuggie”) whose brilliance outshone that of virtually everyone else in Washington, apparently, since he’s blaming **everybody** (but himself) for the failure of his little $3 trillion dollar war.

Confirms what we knew about Bush – he was going in regardless of what anybody said or found out.

Feith reveals Bush’s secret admission of December 2002 that he was going into Iraq regardless of his public promises to review the evidence. Feith calls that admission “momentous,” but LRC readers knew long before that Bush was lying, that yes, he was bent on war, and not being straight with us.

So Feith, full of spite (is there a neocon who isn’t?), is writing his own professional obituary, blaming all the doctors. The war was full of “errors,” but not one of them can be blamed on Fuggie! No sirreee!

Feith’s whining rant proves beyond all doubt that being a neocon means never having to say you’re sorry. And that you can blame everybody else in town for your sins. A Catholic friend of mine has a hilarious spoof of this hubristic approach to “confession” (in brief, it doesn’t get you into Heaven!).

Sad. Hundreds of thousands dead, and this wretched soul blames everyone else. It proves that power corrupts, absolutely.

8:06 am on March 9, 2008