“If they’d only listened to me,” continued

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This time it’s Richer Perle, who never discloses what trough he’s wallowing in as he goes to press, nor his shamed exit from the administration he now slimes.

These people have no bottom. It just goes deeper, and deeper… and Perle gets richer, and Richer (he undoubtedly spends more on lawyers than the average American earns in a lifetime).

The NYT could apparently find only yes-neocons to comment on the war five years on. Of course, they all blame somebody else. It’s so neo-American! (The arrows fly, but the real targets, naturally, are missing).

If McCain wins, there will likely be 19 more installments – one every five years — unless (as is very likely) the Iraq War outlives the New York Times. (Imagine: “Iraq after 85 years of war – a retrospective.”)

Hat tip to Tomgram. (You think I’d waste Palm Sunday reading the NYT?)

10:24 am on March 18, 2008