If Ron Paul Won Nevada…

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Would the mainstream media even tell you? I guess they’d have to, but they’d emphasize that the Nevada caucus process is “crazy” and yuk it up over Ron Paul getting contributions from a brothel.

On Revolution PAC’s caucus coverage tonight, we’ll report on the caucus results as they come in, and we’ll give Ron Paul the favorable attention he deserves. Plus we’ll have interviews with LRC’s own Walter Block, “Blue Republican” Robin Koerner, Republican Liberty Caucus chair Dave Nalle, and more. We were still working out some technical glitches on Tuesday’s broadcast, but we’ve fixed them all, and tonight’s show promises to be great.

Boycott the blackout: Tune in tonight at 6 p.m. Central Time at the RevPac website.

10:24 am on February 4, 2012