“If Quoting the Constitution Makes Me a Terrorist, We Are in Hitler’s America”

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Cops in New Jersey arrested a homeschooling mother — the daughter of Jewish folks who survived the Nazis — because she quoted the Constitution at a tax-protest.

They agreed to release her if she turned over her guns. As she explained, “[So I] sit in jail and my daughter doesn’t have a mother…?”  … , implying that she didn’t really have a choice in the matter. [Eileen] Hart turned over her two firearms and associated equipment, and was told that she’ll get them back ‘when this is all over.’”

By the way, for all you fans of “privatization,” the “private” company doubling the Harts’ real-estate “assessment” is the one that sicced the thugs-in-blue on Ms. Hart. Prompting Ms. Hart to link New Jersey’s “privatization” with its forbears in fascism, the Nazis.

(Thanks, Bill Martin.)


8:30 am on March 13, 2013