If Only Obama Were a Muslim

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And you thought he was for gun control. In response to the Republicans’ traditional smear tactics, Obama said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Funny that if a citizen had made such a comment about federal politicians, he’d get a visit from their secret service.

Not that Obama does not have reason to fear. Since actual issues are avoided by both parties, and the Republicans are the better smear-artists (having more neocons on board), we’ll keep hearing that Obama is a Muslim, that his middle name is Mohammed, that his wife said “whitey,” that he won’t wear a US government flag pin, that he wore the flag of a foreign government in his lapel (whoops, that one is true).

I wish he were a Muslim. He’d be less likely to continue US aggression in the Middle East.

2:48 pm on June 15, 2008