If Matthew Hoh Won’t Say It Then I Will Say It

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In an interview today on NPR, Matthew Hoh, a former Marine who became the first U.S. foreign service official to publicly resign in protest over the war in Afghanistan, was asked whether the over 800 soldiers who have already died in Afghanistan died in vain. Although Hoh acknowledged that he doesn’t “believe we should continue losing and sacrificing our young men and women for goals that meet no strategic purpose to the United States,” he said it was a difficult question and that it was very hard to say that.

Matthew Hoh may be “a great American patriot,” but if he won’t say what needs to be said then I will say it: The U.S. soldiers who died in Afghanistan, like those who died in Iraq (and Vietnam), died in vain and died for a lie. I wish it were not true. I wish I didn’t have to say it. But someone needs to say it. I am, like David Kramer, not heartless, but honest. And God giving me the ability, I will continue to say it and write about it until long after the last U.S. soldier comes home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I check the U.S. military death counts on a daily basis on Antiwar.com. Why am I said to be unAmerican and unpatriotic because I, like Matthew Hoh, want to see these senseless deaths come to an end?

7:47 pm on October 29, 2009