Iceland Volcano

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It is the government that is responsible for hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanos, flooding, storms, rain at inconvenient times, and other supposed acts of God; and also for AIDS, cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. As well, the state is responsible for the fact that we have not yet colonized the moon and Mars. Why do I make these hysterical sounding claims?

Because the state has taken in compulsory taxes some half of our GDP for lo these many years, and used it to further reduce our prosperity by regulating us and bombing innocent people in other countries. Does anyone doubt that if the world’s wealth were, oh, 4-5 times higher than it now is (my guesstimate of what it would be but for this pernicious institution), that we would have at least been way further ahead in dealing with the issues mentioned above?

3:04 pm on April 23, 2010