I Want to Re-enlist and Kill Some More People

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Here is a brief conversation held on April First between a Marine Corps veteran (and LRC reader) and another veteran he works with (not an LRC reader):

Conversion at work:

Me: what if CNN reported that Russia is transporting nukes to Cuba in case Obama attacks Russia or something?

Before I could finish the full scenario, my supervisor, army veteran, replies…

Supervisor: shrugs his shoulder, I don’t care. I want to re-enlist and kill some more people.

Me: and then they say April Fools an hour later.

“As a Marine myself, I can tell you firsthand that this is especially the mindset of the fresh high school graduates who enlist, but to hear this from a 35 plus year old is frightening. No wonder the police force is full of veterans.”

No wonder the U.S. military uses video games to recruit young people.

I post this only to remind people that everyone who enlists or re-enlists is not doing so because he is patriotic, wants to serve his country, etc. Some people just want to kill people and break things.

3:08 pm on April 5, 2014