I, Too, Was Duped by the War-Makers

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Writes Dr. Jimmy T. LaBaume:

Tom, I just finished reading “I Was Fooled by the War-Makers.”

All I have to say is “You think you have it bad?” I was duped for a much longer part of my life.

I am a Vietnam veteran who didn’t want anything to do with anything green when I got back from Nam in 1970. But, I couldn’t shake the film that had been left by the brain laundry. I thought those ill feelings that I had were because we didn’t kill all of the commie bastards.

I got out of the Marine Corps and stayed out for 16 years. Then, I got back into the reserves just in time to be mobilized for Operation Desert Storm. Damn…I must be a slow learner.

But, like you, that (Gulf War I) was a great awakening for me. I was actually on that “Highway of Death” that you refer to and you are right, those poor bastards were in full retreat. Murdering them was senseless.

I am retired from the university and currently working on my memoirs that will, hopefully, chronicle my whole journey from full blown neo-con (that actually “voluntarily” put my ass in the tall grass because I had been indoctrinated into believing that it was the “right” thing to do) to a full blown Rothbardian an-cap.

Keep up the good work.

10:14 am on October 2, 2012