I Think Most Veterans Would Disagree

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I recently received this note from a veteran:

I’m responding to your recent post about cursing and the military. In it, somebody wrote to you about how the military destroys morality. I couldn’t disagree more. The military is a great institution. I was never trained to harm or injure people, outside of the need for taking a life during combat, which I fortunately never had to do. The Marine Corps teaches morality. I would say that Marines tend to be more moral than their civilianc counterparts. Just look at college kids. Do you know how many spring breaks I went to? NONE. ZERO.

I thought that perhaps he was just trying to be funny. Turns out he says claims to be totally serious. In fact: “The military has a much higher standard when it comes to morality than the civilian world.” His reasoning? Adultery can get a person in trouble. And since drug use can land you in the brig for 30 days [but not in a prison for five years to be raped], the “military’s morality surpasses that of Ron Paul’s” since he is against the war on drugs.

A great institution? A moral institution? A global force for good? I think most veterans would disagree. As a Marine told me one time: the Marine Corps is simply hedonists with guns.

7:48 am on May 26, 2013