I Spit on Your Grave

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Many parents who wouldn’t think of letting their children see the above-named movie wouldn’t think twice if their children joined the Marines—the US Marines where Marines not only spit on graves, they urinate on corpses. No wonder Afghan leaders labeled the just-discovered video footage “a recruitment tool for the Taliban.” And Americans wonder why many in the Muslim world hate us?

Oh, but this is just a few bad apples in the military. This has been said so often and for so long that it’s getting to the point where so many apples are bad it is hard to find a good one. You know, the good ones who just kill for the US government without killing civilians for sport, bombing wedding parties, carrying out battlefield executions, killing hundreds with cluster bombs, covering up botched raids, posing for pictures with their victims, murdering civilians, and keeping body parts of their victims (see “The Criminality of War“).

9:03 am on January 12, 2012