I Met the Enemy

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Writes Rich Carlson:

I recently had an opportunity to visit Iran. Family and friends warned me not to go because everyone knows the people in Iran all hate Americans. I went anyway, in large part because listening to you and Ron Paul has changed my way of thinking. Before my personal paradigm shift, I would have believed all the warnings. Now, I am glad I ignored them. I found the Iranian people to be among the friendliest I have ever met anywhere in the world. I have new friends there that I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. It was an amazing experience that I really do owe to you and Ron. Thank you.

When I joined the Army back in 1974 I recall a question on the application about serving in the Peace Corp. I asked the recruiter about the significance of the question. He told me that people who serve in the Peace Corp tend to become very attached to the people in the country where they served. If we ever go to war with that country the soldier might not be willing to fight. I recall thinking that perhaps everyone should be required to serve in the Peace Corp so nobody would be willing to fight anyone.

Oh how I wish a million Americans would visit Iran and meet the people there. If more Americans could see for themselves what I saw, they would demand our government change its policies toward these wonderful people.

I met the enemy … and I love them.

11:06 am on December 17, 2012