I Know It’s a Dead Horse, But…

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Tom, for me the worst aspect of the David Boaz attack on Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation was that even though he could in theory have picked absolutely anyone in the libertarian world, including (as he even admits) himself, or indeed anyone at Cato or in the Koch orbit, to subject to lengthy and public attack for having the gall to suggest that America has become less free over time, he just happens to choose the head of a rival, non-Koch libertarian foundation?  I mean, how flagrant and transparent can you be?

Wouldn’t it have been a more noble example for the world if he had gone back over his own writing and done a mea culpa?

I mean, some people might think a gratuitous swipe at a rival, when exactly the same swipe could have been taken against oneself and all one’s friends, was a little tacky.

8:39 am on April 7, 2010