I join the Board of Directors of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada

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There are many defining moments during the growth and success of every organization and today is such a day for the Mises Institute of Canada. It is with great honour that we can officially announce the addition of Walter Block, PhD to our Board of Directors. Walter’s contributions to the advancement of Austrian Economics are legendary. A simple letter doesn’t give such a momentous event the pomp and circumstance that it truly deserves, so I must apologize, but I simply cannot contain my excitement; one that I am certain is shared by our many readers and supporters. The Mises Institute of Canada was formed with the purpose of bringing sorely needed economic enlightenment to the people of this country and with your ongoing support we will continue to be the standard-bearer of Austrian Economics in Canada. This is only the beginning of the Insititute’s evolution in this country so I urge you to continue to read the site on a regular basis, attend monthly meetups to connect with fellow Austrian experts, scholars and enthusiasts, attend Mises-sponsored events and donate to ensure that we can continue to grow across Canada! Redmond Weissenberger Founder and Director


I have been asked to join the Board of Directors of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada, and was delighted to accept this invitation. I have a connection both with Ludwig von Mises, and with Canada. Well, several, with each.

I first heard of Ludwig von Mises right after I met Murray Rothbard (Mises’ most accomplished student). Murray had quickly converted me to anarcho-capitalism soon after I met him, and, naturally, I began reading everything of Mises’ I could get my hands on. This must have been around 1966 or so. A bit after that, Murray invited a bunch of his friends, I was honored to be included, to attend Mises’ last seminar at New York University. Mises was then very old, hard of hearing, and had a weak voice. But I could still discern quite a bit of the intellectual and moral fire of this “Last Knight of Liberalism” as Guido Hulsmann characterized Mises in his biography of that great man. Probably, there are very few people now alive who shook Mises’ hand (and never washed it afterward J). So, if you shake my hand, you can channel Mises.

Another connection I have with Mises is that I have been a long time admirer and supporter of, and lecturer for, the Mises Institute of the U.S., now located in Auburn, Alabama. The Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada is directly patterned after this organization. So successful has been the Mises Institute of the U.S. that in addition to The Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada there are similarly named organizations in numerous other countries that have followed its lead. With my experience working with the Mises Institute of the U.S. I hope to be able to make a contribution to the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada.

I also have a connection with Canada. Contrary to the views of most Americans, that Canadians live in igloos and travel via dog sled, the country to the North of the U.S. is a vitally important player on the world stage. If a bit, more than a bit, of the wisdom of Ludwig von Mises can be incorporated into its public policy decision-making, that nation, and as a result the world as a whole, will be the better for it. From 1979-1991 I worked at the Fraser Institute, based in Vancouver B.C. as its senior economist. During this time I wrote numerous articles and authored and edited several books on economic liberty, and how it could best be promoted in Canada. I still spend my summer vacations in Vancouver, one of the loveliest parts of the entire world. So, even though I was born in the U.S. and now, again, work in that country, I have more knowledge of the Canadian economic situation than perhaps most economists living and working outside of Canada. I hope to be able to put this background to good use for the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada.

Although a very new organization the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada already has several important feathers in its cap. It has brought the insights of Ludwig von Mises to this country, perhaps for the very first time, in an organized way. Through its excellent website, its Toronto Austrian Scholars Conference, its regular meetings, its support for student learning, and its upcoming Journal of Price & Markets, it has already made a crucial contribution to the economic understanding, and moral fervor for free enterprise, liberty and laissez-faire capitalism. Unlike many other organizations that supposedly favor these ends, the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada does not pull its punches. It does not water down this message of economic freedom. It is a pleasure to now be associated with this organization. I hope and trust that in the years to come I will be able to make a significant contribution. I invite all of those who, such as I, are interested in promoting the message of Ludwig von Mises, and along with it peace, prosperity and liberty for Canada, to join me in this effort. Sincerely,

Walter Block Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada Board Member

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6:40 pm on August 27, 2013