I Hate Your Next War Already

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I was at an art show, recently, in Detroit’s Cass Corridor district. I like these things because they draw a really eclectic-gritty city crowd, including the usual share of old-fangled leftists from the old Detroit Communist League and assorted labour interests. There was a very senior gentleman we came across, and most anyone with a decent political IQ could tell he was an old school activist – he carried ferocious battle lines across his face and he wore his ragged clothes like a badge of honor. Surely, putting him in any room with a modern-day Democrat would have resulted in an elaborate lecture on the framework of New Deal liberalism and the Marxist labour movement. This gentleman boldly sported a huge button on his chest that even I could delight in: “I HATE YOUR NEXT WAR ALREADY.”

4:40 pm on March 13, 2011