I Hate Piers Morgan, But He Shouldn’t Be Deported

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True Confession: I used to watch Celebrity Apprentice. Thus, my first introduction to Piers Morgan was in his role as a despicable self-promoter on that show several years ago. Being the domain of D-list celebrities who are usually on the fast train to oblivion, like Drug-War enthusiast Stephen Baldwin, I was surprised to hear that Morgan had been upgraded from Celebrity Apprentice fame to C-list celebrity when he was given a talk show on CNN.

Now, he’s lecturing us about the evils of private property in the form of gun ownership. The British have long despised liberty, of course. One only need look at their dirty, crime-ridden, totalitarian little island, where they fear kitchen knives and murder sick babies, to see that. With the murderous British Empire with its concentration camps and death squads no longer available to Morgan, he apparently wants to spread British Enlightenment by other means to the few corners of the Anglosphere where a small amount of liberty remains. The natural right to bear arms, one of those “English liberties” we preserved by throwing the British out of our country for good, is under attack by Morgan, a man who is a proven monger of fake news stories, and possible hacker of people’s private phones.

Many Americans who have taken exception to Morgan’s lecturing have petitioned the White House to deport him. In this matter, I must dissent. Since the days of the Alien and Sedition Acts, deportation has been the tool of tyrants and out-of-control lovers of government. Deportation is a quintessential tool of the state in which state agents kidnap people and ship them off by force to some foreign locale. Cases in which the deported have committed violent crimes and enjoyed due process is one thing, but all too often we must endure the crazed demands of the deportation-happy nationalists who wish to throw people out of the country for the non-crime of being “undocumented” workers or, in Morgan’s case, for exercising his natural right to free speech.

Fetishists for government paperwork, such as the anti-immigration crowd, will complain that these immigrant non-criminals are “illegal” of course, but cries for “law and order” against the non-violent has long been the battle-cry of incorrigible statists and other enemies of freedom. Surely, some of the same crowd are today behind the drive to deport Morgan for his having insulted their delicate nationalist sensibilities. They wish to prove Morgan right, it seems, by showing we are an ill-tempered people who resort to violence the minute someone insults us. No thank you. I can do without Morgan’s whining, but not at the price of encouraging yet another immoral deportation in the name of loving America. As Mencken once noted, protecting our freedoms often consists of defending the most unpopular people among us. Let us hope that Piers Morgan may soon qualify as such.

10:05 pm on December 26, 2012