I Hate Desk Phones, Too

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In reference to Lew Rockwell’s post on hating the desk phone, I despise this ancient device, as do many of my colleagues. Since I am very often not at my desk during my workday – in meetings or running around to other offices on our campus – I hate coming back to that silly red light on my desk phone. I figure that I have my hands full with a portable electronic device and email, and that’s enough to deal with, so I have left a message on my voice mail that states: “Since I am mostly away from my desk, please do not leave me voice mails, as there may be a delay in response due to using this medium. Email or instant messenger will be your quickest route to communication with me, so feel free to contact me via either medium.”

Mostly, people do respond accordingly, and they follow up via email. Still, the old-fashioned crowd leaves me old-fashioned voice mails, and there they sit, sometimes for days or weeks. I made my point, so it’s up to them to either adhere to my wishes or take their chances with waiting for me to find the time to sift through multiple, blabbing voice mails.

4:21 pm on May 22, 2013