I guess what was good for the Nazis…, Part 2

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In the continuing saga of people ultimately becoming like the people they hate:

Israeli doctors experimented on children

A leading Israeli doctor and medical ethicist has called for the prosecution of doctors responsible for thousands of unauthorised and often illegal experiments on small children and geriatric and psychiatric patients in Israeli hospitals.

An investigation by the government watchdog, the state comptroller, has revealed that researchers in 10 public hospitals administered drugs, carried out unauthorised genetic testing or undertook painful surgery on patients unable to give informed consent or without obtaining health ministry approval.

At one hospital, staff pierced children’s eardrums to apply an experimental medication yet to be approved in any country. At another, patients with senile dementia had their thumbprints applied to consent forms for experimental drugs.

How do you say “Josef Mengele” in Hebrew?

UPDATE: James Lloyd asks:

“Did the experimental subjects have the Israeli socialized medicine, or the “private option?”

9:15 pm on July 25, 2009