I Can Resolve the National Debt Problem!

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Taking a cue from the geniuses at the White House who have suggested that minting a platinum coin and calling it “one trillion dollars” will get the national debt under control, I have my own solution to the problem. (Who says we libertarians can’t come up with any practical answers?)  I am in possession of a one-hundred trillion dollar bill issued by the government of Zimbabwe.  As this amount is some seven times (7x) the amount of the U.S. national debt, I am willing to give it to the U.S. Treasury in full satisfaction of the national debt (with oodles of dollares left over!)  Please pass this information on to Pres. Obama, so he can take credit for resolving this crisis.  He will then be able to send home those who believe that a handful of platinum coins will do the trick!.

6:26 pm on January 15, 2013