Hypocrites Here, Hypocrites There, Hypocrites High and Low

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So we now have not only rank sexual harassment from the TSA but rank sexual discrimination as well:

Adrienne Durso, “a breast-cancer survivor … said she went through a metal detector at the Albuquerque airport on Aug. 25 but was then subjected to a patdown. In a telephone interview with a San Diego TV station, she said the agent ‘heavily concentrated on my breast area where I told her I’d had a mastectomy the year previous and it just seemed to go on and on.’

She was travelling with “her teenage son[, who] was told he was not subjected to a patdown because he does not have ‘boobs.’”

This is, of course, precisely the sort of crime that would not only shutter a private company but catapult those responsible to prison while bankrupting them with fines — all to the strains of NOW’s hysteria and whining.

Instead, while women coast to coast sob over the TSA’s abuses, NOW considers “Urg[ing] Democratic Leadership to Name Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Ranking Member of Oversight Committee” its “hot[test] topic.” Despite the most widespread, most egregious physical attack on their supposed constituency in history, NOW doesn’t even mention TSA on its website except as an “exhibitor” at its “2009 National Conference.”

I continue to wait as well for religious groups to condemn the TSA. Evangelical Christians who hyperventilate when a guy wants to sell wine on Sundays have somehow managed to remain silent in the face of institutionalized sexual assault — but I guess that’s no great stretch after their cheerleading for Bushbama’s murderous, unjust wars. Conservative and physically modest Jewish groups whose press offices churn out statement after statement on American policy towards Israel compete with Christians for first place in Quiet Acquiescence. Indeed, only Muslems have expressed outrage, but they confine it to advising their women how to minimize the damage. And we all know why Islamists object to the TSA’s molestation, don’t we, the lousy terrorists.

10:15 am on December 16, 2010