Hypocrisy or Imbecility?

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“Reform efforts [sic for ‘nationalizing medical insurance, a.k.a. Obummercare’] will fail when decisions are driven by profit” insists a headline on yet another ignorant column.

I don’t mean to pick on this article or its author: similar stupidity abounds. People who owe the highest standard of living in history and much of their personal happiness to the “profit motive” seldom hesitate to bash it. Meanwhile, I’ll bet the physician responsible for this drivel responds enthusiastically to that maligned motive himself: he probably doesn’t treat patients for free. Ditto for all the commies out there moaning about their “right” to “healthcare” or other freebies courtesy of taxpaying producers: those who deign to hold a job do so with every expectation of making money.

Even a few moments’ reflection from Marxists should show the utter lunacy of their nonsense. So if they are indeed sincere in their disdain for profits…well, they must be dumber than dirt.

5:37 am on December 16, 2013