Hurricane Report From Queens

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Lew, Keith is correct. As usual, the institution of government which thrives on fear overreacted to the hurricane. In the busiest city in the world, they shut down the entire mass transit system at noon—yet the rain didn’t start until 8:00PM; even then, it was a normal rain. At the time that they claimed New York City was supposed to be hit the hardest—2:00AM (through 2:00PM)—it had actually briefly stopped! When it started again, it was a hard rain but certainly not a torrential storm. Had someone in my neighborhood not been informed that the rain was due to a hurricane, that person would never have known the difference. This morning at 9:00AM when it was again supposed to be raging, it was over.

I of course had a sneaking suspicion that this was the scenario that was going to play out as far as the severity of the storm was concerned—at least in my area.

10:08 am on August 28, 2011