Hungry Slaves, Bow to Your Masters

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This comment about Ed Snowden may seem harmless, except in the context of knowing that this is how most catatonic Americans think about the Snowden affair. Try not to wince at the woeful cliches rolled out by the amateur wordsmith.

He is a coward, wisp, punk, traitor, gut spiller, unpatriotic, fool, stupid, backstabber, yellow belly, S.O.B., P.O.S. Snowden deserves the highest penalty allowed. Manning and Snowden have given our nation a bad name. One never bites the hand that feeds you.

I am hearing the same sentiment from the men in the street. In fact, your average Joe Boob worships the US military machine, applauds the domestic-militarized police state, begs to give up his freedom for guaranteed “security,” and expresses admiration for the surveillance scheme that is sold as a protection from foreign boogeymen.

According to a Time Magazine poll, Joe Boob suffers from a case of cognitive dissonance in terms of Snowden’s fate. Now if you can stand it, watch the Old Crow Pelosi recite stale government law – while stumblin’, bumblin’, and looking down at her notes – and put us all into snooze mode with her parroted jabber.

6:43 pm on June 15, 2013