‘Human Events’ For Sale, Could Close

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Writes David Franke:

What’s happened to Tom Phillips’s deep pockets?  Maybe he’s just having too much fun in California.  Wish I knew the inside story.

I would not “miss” Human Events since I haven’t read the print edition for decades and just glance at the online version.  I feel about it and National Review the way I feel about the conservative movement—it’s not the conservative movement I believed in when we were starting it.

Nevertheless, I will always feel nostalgic about it.  Doug Caddy, Bill Schulz, and I were the very first Human Events journalism class in 1957, with Stan Evans as our managing editor, journalism teacher, political mentor, and drinking buddy.  Those were great days, exciting days.  An RIP for the publication cannot rip that from our memories.

What I would really love, of course, is to have someone buy it who would turn it back into what it was originally—a courageous Old Right voice for limited, constitutional government and a noninterventionist foreign policy.  I don’t expect that to happen, however.  More likely would be a downward spiral of ownership, much like the American Mercury in the last century.

Meanwhile, the Internet marches on.

6:31 pm on February 22, 2013